Vampire Wing Lift

The Vampire Wing Lift® is yet another procedure we offer in MedTeam Pro office that utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma to enhance the fullness of women’s anatomy, specifically the labia majora, to lift and restore lost fullness to the area, addressing discomfort and enhancing physical appearance. Unfortunately, this area of women’s bodies ages just like any other area – and is greatly impacted by events such a major weight loss or vaginal childbirth, causing loose, deflated skin and decreasing sensitivity (in an area we’d all like to continue feeling young!).

This in-office procedure is performed virtually painlessly, using strong numbing cream and a lidocaine injection to ensure patients are very comfortable. As with all PRP procedures, blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors. The potent growth factors are then injected into the labia majora where they activate new blood vessels, collagen and tissue growth in the deep layers of the tissue over the next 1-2 months. The effects of the procedure (moist, fuller, more robust, youthful tissue) can last for two years or more!

It’s great to pair this procedure with the “O” Shot® which injects PRP into the clitoris and inside the vagina to encourage cell renewal and increase sensitivity to stimulation and sexual satisfaction.