Skin Care Procedures

Your skin takes on the world every day. And the world can be tough on it. Age, sun exposure, acne and genetics all can damage your skin, dulling its strength and vitality. Isn’t it about time to fight back, and give yourself a little pampering with minimally invasive treatments and facial skin care in Westport, CT?

Of course, there is no shortage of beauty gimmicks, gadgets and “miracle” products out there. None of them, however, can come close to matching what board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony can provide.

Ellen uses her considerable expertise and skill to set the standard for high quality skin care. She understands that beautiful skin is the result of three P’s — preventing damage, protecting skin, and preserving with customized ongoing maintenance.

In your personal, one-on-one consultation, Ellen begins the discussion not by talking, but by listening, exceptionally and intently, to your unique situation, and to what you wish to achieve — physically, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually — by your procedure. And based on that conversation, imparting expertise that only a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon can offer her Connecticut skin care patients, she’ll recommend a treatment plan from among a range of non-surgical, minimally invasive solutions, including:

Give Ellen a call at (203) 221-0102, and discover how she can improve the appearance of wrinkles, lines, sunspots, acne and discolored skin — giving you a healthier glow and a smoother, clearer complexion.