Neck Lift

Your neck contains some of the most delicate and sensitive skin on your body. It’s also one of the first areas to show signs of aging. The skin around the neck and jaw line can become slack, resulting in a “wattle” that can be difficult to remove even with proper exercise, diet, and skin care. This is why so many men and women in Connecticut choose a neck lift from the Westport and Fairfield-area cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Ellen Mahony.

Ellen’s neck lift procedure tightens the skin and muscles around your neck and repositions fleshy and loose folds of skin. For many patients, a neck lift can be combined with liposuction in Westport, CT, for the neck and jaw region, eyelid surgery, or a face lift. In fact, a neck lift is very often a part of a more comprehensive Menopause Makeover.

Whether you’d like to know more about a neck lift only, or in combination with other procedures, a consultation with Ellen is an excellent and prudent next step. During this one-on-one session, she’ll answer any questions you have, in plain, direct language. And she’ll explain each procedure in depth, including what to expect before, during and after surgery, risks, and pre- and post-op information.*