You’ve undoubtedly noticed it. Certain localized areas of body fat are extremely resistant to diet and exercise. No matter what you do, lumps and bumps on the hips, abdomen, thighs, love handles, face or neck seem to remain. Dr. Ellen Mahony performs liposuction in the Fairfield and Westport, Connecticut, area at her plastic surgery practice to specifically address these problem areas.

During the procedure, she will use small instruments to remove fatty tissue just below the surface of your skin, achieving a smoother, more sculpted body appearance.

Some people choose to have only liposuction to improve their body contours, and they’re very pleased with their results. Others enhance their liposuction results by combining additional plastic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or facial sculpting. Ellen’s patients even travel to her from other areas, such as New Haven and Westchester NY, to Connecticut for her liposuction skills and experience.

If you’re not sure exactly what’s right for you, sit down and have an honest, woman-to-woman chat with Ellen. Together, you’ll determine whether you’re a good fit for liposuction. (For example, it’s not a procedure to achieve weight loss.) You’ll define the results you’re looking to achieve, and discuss ways to achieve it.

After you visit Ellen in Connecticut for liposuction, you can look forward to a more contoured figure that feels better and looks great — both in and out of clothing.*