Brow Lift

If you’ve begun to notice forehead frown lines or drooping eyebrows, consider a welcome brow lift from Westport and Fairfield, Connecticut-area plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony. You’ll be surprised at how even subtle changes in your forehead and brow area can produce dramatic results, in the form of a younger, smoother look.

Ellen makes a brow lift simple and convenient for you. In a minimally invasive outpatient procedure at her practice, Ellen will smooth the skin across your forehead, then reposition your brows to a more youthful and natural position.

For women, Ellen can soften the forehead, raise sagging eyebrows, and restore the natural arch above the eyes. For men, she can elevate the brows and correct any overhang, while maintaining a natural, masculine look.

Do you have questions about forehead and brow lifts? (For example, some people wonder about an unnatural, “pulled” appearance after surgery.) Ellen is here to answer all your questions. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, she combines the compassion to get to know you and understand your concerns…the training to give your surgical experience a personal touch…and the surgical skill to provide you with a naturally enhanced look.*

For men and women in Connecticut, a brow lift is just one of the many facial cosmetic procedures available from Dr. Mahony. Others include eyelid surgery and face lifts. If you prefer less invasive rejuvenation, ask about BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and other cosmetic dermal fillers.