Breast Lift

Over time, many women notice that their breasts have begun to droop. The skin around the breasts loses elasticity, and the breasts lose shape and firmness. This sagging can be the result of pregnancy, or simply a part of aging.

Dr. Ellen Mahony, a board-certified Connecticut female plastic surgeon, has years of experience in comprehensive breast lift procedures. When you entrust Ellen with your breast lift at her Westport and Fairfield, CT-area practice, you’ll be creating the look you remember from your younger years.*

As part of your breast lift procedure, Ellen will reduce the lax skin around your breasts, then reshape and reposition them for a more natural and youthful appearance. You may also want to reposition or resize your areola, the dark skin around the nipples.

There are a variety of techniques to achieve all this, and you can depend on Ellen to discuss each with you. Together, the two of you will determine the best procedure for your unique needs and expectations. For example, a breast lift is a common part of a Menopause Makeover or Mommy Makeover.

During your Connecticut breast lift consultation at Ellen’s plastic surgery practice, you’ll openly discuss your goals and decide which procedure is most appropriate for your body type and your desired look.

While a breast lift will elevate your breasts, it will not increase volume. For a fuller, more voluptuous look, you might wish to also explore New Haven area breast augmentation with saline or silicone gel breast implants in Westport, CT. Ask Ellen to help you try on various implant sizers to get a peek at what your choices will deliver.