Bariatric Safe

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Our Bariatric Safe Logo is a symbol of trust, easily visible to consumers who want to choose bariatric safe products after their surgery.

Patients who undergo bariatric procedures for weight loss face significant changes in their digestive system and their body’s ability to absorb nutrients. In order to ensure the long term success of your surgery and maintain your health, you will need to make permanent changes to your diet and be more mindful of what you consume.

If you don’t follow a safe bariatric diet after your procedure, you run the risk of reversing any progress you have made in terms of weight loss. In addition to this, there may be complications from eating foods that react badly in your body. No one wants meals to become a source of discomfort and pain. Food should be enjoyed eaten with peace of mind.

It’s like having a friend constantly looking out for you!

We know it can be a hassle to read through food labels just to make sure that you’re getting the exact nutrients. That’s where we can help. Every time you see the Bariatric Safe Logo on your food, you can be at ease knowing that it’s safe for you consume.

Look for the logo online and in stores when you’re shopping for a chance to buy products made to suit you. It’s like having a friend constantly looking out for you! We make sure the food is safe so that you don’t have to!